MetroDir – Directory & Listings WordPress Theme is a content driven portal that is ideal for listing any kind of entity or activity on a Global or Local basis.

Who could have ever imagined that within less than 5 minutes you can install & start running your own Directory for only $ 58 ! Well this is no longer a promise, it’s a fact; So jump on board and become part of the Metrodir Community


In a directory, content is key, therefore we have implemented a user-friendly solution with front-end facilities, that offers a flexible way to generate revenues by offering your users tailor-made membership packages with a wide variety of options…

In addition to the front-end user page, Metrodir offers advanced features such as:

Metrodir offers a recurring paypal payment system so that your members can register and subscribe to a corresponding package and pay on a regular basis (the membership conditions & duration can be chosen in the control panel by the admin)

We have integrated the powerful plugin TYPES* which allows to create custom fields & custom search

*For more information about TYPES plugin please watch the video by clicking on the banner below

Metrodir is WPML compatible which allows users to benefit from very advanced Multilingual facilities offered by the WPML* plugin
* Metrodir is fully compatible with the WPML plugin that can be purchased at

  • Unlimited Colors from Control Panel (CP) (some elements are not CSS driven andrequire to be manually)
  • Boxed / Full-width layout
  • Possibility to select Geolocation & Zoom level on Map from CP
  • Google Map with Ajax + Advanced search options
  • The category icons are included and can be changed from CP
  • Company Simple Page (2 versions: left & right sidebar)
  • Company Page with Tabs (Company, Portfolio and Contact)
  • Company with Street View
  • Blog


user: test
password: test












UOU Apps


Stock images and backgrounds are not included in the package

Metrodir is compatible with the regular Google Map API as far as the map loads is inferior to 25.000 a day. If the number of calls to Google is higher, you need to purchase Google maps for Business license. for more information please refer to this URL

* Due to the implementation of new pages & features we stopped guaranteeing the RTL compatibility for this theme


v.1.4.2 (21 November, 2014):
New: Option "Slug for Company Taxonomy URL" in Metrodir CP -> General Settings;
New: Option "Show Subcategories on Search and Categories Pages" in Metrodir CP -> Search Settings;
Fix: Bug with Footer in Boxed Version;
Fix: Url's for Categories;
Fix: Some Responsive Bugs;
Fix: Some Other Bugs.

v.1.4.1 (06 September, 2014):
New: Option "Show Sidebar on Companies Search Pages";
New: One Style (Thumb) for Search Results and Category Pages (Option "Search Results Style");
New: One Style for Search Pages with Fixed Map (Option "Search with Fixed Map");
New: Two Options for Language Widget: "Flag and Code" , "Flag and Name";
Fix: Bug with Displaying Company Fields on Company Page;
Fix: Some Bug with Map Search;
Fix: Style for Category Page;
Fix: Some Other Bugs.

v.1.4 (08 Aug, 2014):
New: Option "Show/Hide Subcategories" in Block on Home Page;
New: Option "Change Slug Company";
New: Zip Code Field for Companies;
New: Manage Restriction Fields;
New: Restrictions for Package "Submit for Review Before Publish"
New: Pagination for Default Search Results and Company Category Pages;
Fix: PayPal Single Payments;
Fix: Some Bug With Search By Location;
Fix: Some Bugs in Shortcodes;
Fix: Some Other Bugs.

- Add Restriction for Ratings System;
- Add Boost Speed for Map;
- Fix Some Problem with HTTPS;
- Fix Some Problem with WPML;
- Fix Global Search by Description;
- Fix Some Other Bugs.

v.1.3.5 (10 June, 2014):
- Update VC Plugin Version;
- Update FontAwesome Version;
- Add Show All Author Posts Option in Blog Tab for Companies;
- Add Show Subcategories in Under Map Filter Option;
- Fix Some Bugs with Users CP;
- Fix Some Other Bugs.

v.1.3.4 (30 May, 2014):
- Scripts Refactoring;
- Add Featured Mark on Markers;
- Fix Big with Blog Page;
- Fix Some Bugs with Global Search;
- Fix Bug With Default Search Filters;
- Fix Some Other Bugs.

v.1.3.4 - Has not been published.

v.1.3.2 (21 May, 2014):
- Add New Styles for Category Block on Home Page;
- Fix Crashing;
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.3.1 (19, May, 2014):
- Update Versions for Included Plugins;
- Now Users can Add Products;
- Change style for Global Search;
- Add Featured Mark for Companies;
- Add Featured Block in Sidebar;
- Add Featured Carousel at Home Page;
- Add Border Color Options;
- Fix bug with accounts items;
- Fix bug with WPML;
- Fix bug with search by category;
- Fix bug with map centration;
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.3  (13, May, 2014):
- Update VC plugin version;
- Add Sidebar Widgets Area (for Single and Search Pages);
- Add Product Tab for Comapny Page (Woocommerce Support);
- Add Custom Tab for Company Page;
- Add New Shortcode (Price Table);
- Add Global Search in Header;
- Fix Bug with improving Tariff Plan and PayPal (Now "My Plan" user link opened not in Popup always);
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.2.4 (06, May, 2014):
- Add option "Markers Information" - What Show on Markers;
- Add option "Map Clusters Icons URL";
- Fix Logic in UOU Update Center;
- Fix Bug with Shortcodes;
- Fix Bug with Portfolio Images;
- Fix Bug with PayPal Payment Period;
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.2.3 (28, April, 2014):
- Now do not need to create a page for Advanced Search and Blog Search;
- Update version for included Plugins;
- Add Blocking for Accounts Items;
- Add Custom Block for Sidebar;
- Add Clusters Icons;
- Add Markers Icons for Default Categories;
- Add Companies Custom Fields;
- Fix Logic for "Pricing Plans" Block;
- Fix Logic for Users CP;
- Fix some bugs.

V.1.2.1(April 14th, 2014):
- Add Grid and Min Size Cluster Options;
- Add Enable/Disable Blog Search Option;
- Add Top Bar;
- Add Tabs on Home Page;
- Fix Bug with Map Type;
- Fix some others bugs.

V1.2(April 7th, 2014):
- Add enable/disable Search Option;
- Add "Revolution slider and Map below" and "Map and Revolution slider below" Home View Options;
- Add Claim Listing;
- Add Child Theme;
- Add Visual Composer on Home Page;
- Add Subcategories for Company;
- Add Custom Icon Support for Category;
- Add Image Markers Support;
- Add Cluster on map for image markers (beta);
- Fix logo size;
- Fix many responsive bugs;
- Fix some others bugs.

V1.1.3(April 5th, 2014):
- Childthemes added
- Fixed some minor bugs

V1.1.2(February 28th, 2014):
- Add Map Boost;
- Fix bug with 'x' on map;
- Fix bug for iOS crush;
- Fix some other visual bugs.

- Change Map load Functions;
- Add Map Zoom Options;
- Fix Demo Witget;
- Fix some bugs associated with the map;
- Fix some other bugs.

V1.1 (10.03.2013)
- Add Demo version widget;
- Add Bulk upload companies plugin;
- Add Shortcodes;
- Add Auto Update Button;
- Fix some bugs.
  • Front-End User Page
  • Bulk Upload
  • Recurring Payment System
  • Custom Fields & Custom Search
  • Geolocation
  • Multiple Rating System
  • Google Maps With AJAX